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3D-printed bionic arms


Who we are?

Cure Bionics

provides advanced 3D-printed and lightweight bionics arms with multi-grip functionality and customizable aesthetics for amputees with the aim to make it more accessible and cool-to-wear.

About us

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& lightweight

Using a biodegradable and ecofriendly raw material, 3D-printing offer a light weight and rapidly manufactured prosthetic


Have different looks for different outfits with super easy to swap covers to match your mood and to show your style

Adjustable & Dynamic socket

Designed to fit with your body anatomy, our compressible and expandable socket gives you a comfortable fit in varying conditions

Smart, muscle-controlled
& multi-grip

Engineered to be controlled with your muscles, using special sensors without any surgical intervention offering a multi action functioning

Hannibal Arm

Customize your Hannibal Arm

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  • How does a bionic prosthetic arm work?
    It uses muscle sensors to detect muscle electrical activity which will be used to control the arm
  • How can I buy your Hannibal arm
    Fill the contact form and we will get back to you
  • I want to get a Hannibal Arm through your website?
    For now, you can only get our prosthetics via our lab in Tunisia. Check our website always to be updated about our future labs.
  • How much does the Hannibal Arm cost?
    It depends on the age, size and the package offer. Contact us and we will explain that more.
  • I’m not based in Tunisia, how can I get a Hero Arm?"
    For now, Hannibal arm is only available in Tunisia. Register your interest to be the first to get one.
  • Do you offer prosthetic legs or any other kind of prosthetics?
    No, we only focus on below elbow amputation and we only offer bionic arms.
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